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Company to Reveal Secrets of Success on 32nd Anniversary, Virtual Gifts for All

A nationally-known consulting firm and virtual store will host an online celebration with success insights, gifts and major discounts for all. CPI Consulting is celebrating its 32nd year anniversary on September 26. Web-based festivities with store launch, gifts and bonuses run through Saturday, October 1.

​​Most businesses don’t make it past their first couple of years. Nationally-known CPI Consulting has not only come that far but has been in business an additional 30 years.

Founded on September 26, 1984 (originally as Creative Pursuits, Inc.), the company is now celebrating its 32nd year anniversary as a successful small business.

In recognition of this milestone occasion, CPI is inviting other businesses, professionals and the public to a special “VIRTUAL CELEBRATION” with success insights, gifts and discounts along with the grand opening of its new online “Creative Store”. Free access is here:

CPI has provided a range of services to businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofit associations, public agencies and others. Over the years, the multidisciplinary firm has specialized in strategic communications, marketing, research & analysis, project planning & management, and training/coaching services for professional development, personal growth and business development.

In 2005 CPI created The Virtual Solutions Center, providing a host of creative solutions involving the online environment -- including online events, Internet marketing, digital book publishing and other new media tools and technologies.

Through the Center CPI soon gained national attention for its leadership as pros in creating, hosting and marketing Webcasts, Webinars, Virtual Conferences and other Web-based events along with online interviews of celebrities, dignitaries and experts.

Unique in its scope of capabilities and experience, the firm also has expertise in a variety of distinct fields – clean energy, as one example – that have added to its ability to effectively serve clientele.

In addition, the company’s CEO, Marcia Elder, was a Trainer for 10 years for Anthony Robbins seminars. When asked if that means she’s done the Tony Robbins Firewalk she responded: “I’ve firewalked many times and it’s a life changing experience every time -- phenomenal, magical, absolutely transformational.”

A free video by Elder included as part of the CPI anniversary celebration is: “How I’ve Succeeded in Business DESPITE the Odds: 10 Key Ingredients to Business Success”. The video content pertains to success both in business (as a business owner, manager or employee) and in life.

About the company’s virtual services, Elder notes: “We understand that people these days lead super-fast-paced lives and need services to be fast, easy and convenient. Businesses and others can take advantage of our professional services, as well as our Creative Store, from virtually anywhere by accessing us online -- and we make it easy and affordable to place and receive orders.”

Examples of support services that customers can order online include: boosting online visibility and traffic for greater results (though nationwide news media attention; getting YouTube videos seen; high impact social media strategies; niche Blogging and more); Website evaluation and creation; publishing of digital and print books (on and other platforms – and getting books to Best Seller status); with other options listed on the company Websites and fully integrated online marketing strategy.

Says the CEO about these services: “Unlike other companies with services of this nature CPI’s services are tailored to the customer – rather than simply being a video that they’re to watch or a report to read that’s the same for everyone." She adds: "We can also implement the service for you, rather than expecting busy customers to figure it out and do it themselves.” For those who prefer the DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, CPI does have information and training products to show the way.

The Creative Store, to be launched on CPI’s anniversary the 26th, features products on an array of hot topics for businesses and others. Most can be downloaded in digital form for instant access while some can be ordered by mail (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.).

Elder adds about The Creative Store and the company Website as a whole: “We’ve been in business so long because our focus has always been on top quality services and exceptional customer support.” The company motto is: Driven by passion, integrity, creativity & full-out commitment to excellence.

CPI Consulting is located just outside of Tallahassee, Florida, and provides services across the country and beyond.

The CPI Consulting virtual anniversary celebration will take place here

Monday, September 26 through Saturday, October 1, 2016.

“Planning the Life You Desire ~ Living the Life You Deserve", is a tool for helping those who seek to get the most from their New Year. Everyone has the opportunity to create a better life through effective planning, according to Marcia Elder, author of the book. The long-time business leader and President of CPI Consulting notes: “What better time to plan than at the end of a year or start of the New Year”.

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