Elections Aftermath: Everyone Has a Role in What Happens Next 

No matter one’s political party or positions, “we’re all in this together” … and what happens next will greatly affect us all.

Those unhappy with the elections result have an immediate choice: give up and go home or re-engage and work for a better future. Not easy when the expectations for a different outcome were so strong and the path of the victor so different. But to walk away in despair, discouragement, disgust or whatever the feeling would be to throw in the towel on our country.

An urgent concern right now is Trump's appointments to high level roles. His choices will have huge impact through the many different posts to be filled and the responsibilities associated with each. But the impact of the chosen individuals may well extend far beyond what most understand. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

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The Power of Adversity
September 25, 2016

Long time ago I learned that life’s experiences, both good and bad, have lessons for each of us if we’re open to them. It’s harder to be open to lessons from tough times but these can be the greatest gifts of all. 

I know that from experience, believe it, have preached it. 

Yet when we’re in the midst of an adversity thinking about lessons and good that can come from it is typically the last thing on our minds.

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In Burning Need of a Tony Robbins Firewalk!

June 2016

Tony Robbins has been in the headline news this week due to people having gotten burned at his latest “motivational” event. Not burned as in swindled but physically burned as part of a “Firewalk Experience”.
Robbins holds events all over the world focused on equipping people to make massive positive changes in their lives. 

Certain of his events include an (optional) experience of walking over a bed of burning hot coals (of 1200 – 2000 degrees heat)!

How do I know? As a former trainer with his organization I’ve firewalked many times.

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